Cape Breton Glamping packs for the road

Glampers planning to explore Cape Breton Highlands National Park this summer, will relish in our new Cape Breton Road Trip Glamping Kit! Our ‘Best Value’ pack allows explorers and adventurers a unique glamping experience along the Cabot Trail, with all its incredible vistas and hidden gem experiences. Take it on the road with our NEW Wanderlust Gear Rental Kits … More Cape Breton Glamping packs for the road

Cape Breton coyote

While we didn’t see a moose… Spotted crossing the road at dusk on our way back to camp, near Cheticamp, Cape Breton. Photographed from our car with a zoom lens — for clarity, we’re adventurous, not brazen. East Coast Glamping now have a Wanderlust Gear Rental Kit that’s compact, amazing value and packed full of … More Cape Breton coyote