South Shore Glamping & Snorkelling Cranberry Cove

East Coast exploration with 'Outdoor Adventures in Halifax: 25 exciting and little-known adventures less than 30 minutes away', by Ryan Barry and Dale Dunlop.
East Coast exploration with new guide book from Ryan Barry and Dale Dunlop.

The ocean views are breathtaking from Indian Harbour, near Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. For our Glampers travelling here this week, we wanted to show them a different side to the iconic Peggy’s Cove.

Cranberry Cove is off-the-beaten-path, for certain.  It’s takes a quieter gaze upon the famous lighthouse with it’s narrow meandering trail through cranberry bushes and seaside shrubbery, leading out to some crystal clear and sheltered, snorkelling waters filled with hermit crabs and aquatic life.

We’d have never known about it, if it wasn’t for the new guide book, Outdoor Adventures in Halifax: 25 exciting and little-known adventures less than 30 minutes away (Formac), by Ryan Barry and Dale Dunlop. Ryan Barry is owner and operator of Great E.A.R.T.H. Expeditions, offering great hikes and tours around Nova Scotia and off-the-beaten path exploring for Glampers and adventurers alike.

IMG_5315Our first day was low tide, overcast and misty. At first we can’t even see Peggy’s Cove lighthouse.  I had my youngest daughter ‘helping me’ with a pitch for a couple from Ontario and I’d promised her an adventure and a hot site pitch.

Using Barry and Dunlop’s trusty guide book we easily found the pull-off, with room for our pick-up truck and the QR Code reader worked a charm.  A short stroll (not even 5 minutes) and the trail opened up upon the narrow cove at low tide where we could snorkel it’s calm waters and hopscotch the lunar-like rocks.

It feels remote. In the distance there’s a mom and her 3 boys having a picnic and another couple walking back towards their car. It’s utterly peaceful and my 9-year-old can’t stop revelling in how much beauty exists in such a small place.

“Mom, is this not THE most beautiful place in the world. Oh I wish I could live in the ocean.”  She’s going to be a salty seaside girl when she’s older, no doubt.

We snorkelled, sat on the rocks and counted sea-glass, ate peaches and after awhile we made our way back for home. An exciting and calm reprieve from a busy day pitching one of our new Camo Bells at King Neptune Campground. Our new Glampers arrived prepared with their own snorkelling gear to investigate this special place, a copy of the book neatly tucked in their pantry kitchen with the key pages ear-marked.

We enjoyed the day so much, we decided to see it in sunnier weather — and high tide and the snorkelling was AMAZING.  Our new favorite sneak-away.

To find it:  Look for a small gravel pull-over just between Peggy’s Cove Road and the Swiss Air Flight Memorial.  And if this is the kind exploring that get’s you excited – don’t stop there.  We highly recommend this compact, glossy book – the perfect size to pack in your tote.

Happy Glamping!

Cyndi & Dahlia