Thank you campers and glampers across Canada from Team ECG!

It’s officially a wrap on our busy first season 2015 and we’re feeling thankful. From the crew here at East Coast Glamping — Thanks Nova Scotia and Canada! 


Our bell tents partied in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia all summer long.  One is on the way to a Winter Camping Expo in Manitoba, so we’re chuffed to say, we’ve spread our wings this summer.

Thanks Canada and Nova Scotia!

Here’s a special call-out to our assiduous ‘Roadies’ for their impeccable pitches, sense of humour and crazy bell tent hair days.

What’d we learn? Well, there’s really nothing glamorous about erecting large pieces of canvas!  It’s pint-worthy sweat & crazy hair all the way — but that’s why we do it. So you don’t have too!

Here’s a call out to our Ops Team, housekeeping and the little people (literally, my home-grown team of child labourers) who loaded, pitched, swam, swung and kept us relatively entertained!


A special shout out to a few of our glamorous local tourism partners in 2015:

  • To Jane & Susan at beautiful The Mermaid and The Campground, thanks for being gracious and welcoming. We’ll cherish many fine memories of our sunny pastoral days on the farm, exploring the orchard and feeding the baby calves.IMG_9964IMG_0228
  • Nature’s Natural Solutions for their Goats-Milk-Fabulous Glamping Essentials Kits for our guests!


  • Derek, Penny and the friendly team at Scotia Pine Campground where adventurous glampers rode the Tidal Bore and slept under the stars!
  • The team at Fundy Tidal Bore Adventures — awesome riding the waves with you!RaftingCollage
  • Awesome friendly staff and proprietors Wes and Melanie at The Look Off Campground in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.  Look forward to many pitches in 2016!4M_CollageValleyGlampingCollage
  • The lovely King Neptune Campground, beautifully situated near Peggy’s Cove and the bustling coastal bistro Rhubarb for their yummy granola & chocolates!
  • ECSurfLOGONico and the wave riders at East Coast Surf School for teaching, inspiring and showing us it’s ‘never too cold’! (PS we love your logo!)
  • Sweet Shubie Park Campground in Dartmouth. One of the prettiest little spots, close to everything urban.
  • SMF_PancakesSyrup Kalina welcoming!Sugar Moon Farm for partnering on a culinary Gourmet & Glamping night alongside their City Chef event!
  • The holistic food guru’s at in Dartmouth for their yummy granola and food menus!
    TIANS logoJPEG
  • All the gang at and Tourism Industry Association Nova Scotia for helping the little guys get off the ground!

Happy hibernation to all boutique-style campers our there!  If you’re getting out their for a Thanksgiving finale weekend — lucky you! Glamp on.

We’re still selling for the holiday season and look forward to seeing you again in 2016.

 Happy Glamping!

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