From Hobo Packs to skewered bacon: More great campfire recipes and tips

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.33.01 AMWe love hobo packs around the campfire, aka foil-pack meals!  

Check out these easy recipes on your next camping adventure (there’s even a Hobo Pack How-to video!)

All wrapped up in heavy duty, pre-oiled foil.
All wrapped up in heavy duty, pre-oiled foil.

Glamping extra tips:

  • Unlike in the video, we don’t recommend throwing your foil packs on a fire with high flames. Let your flame burn down to hot red embers and then add your foil pack. Or better yet, set on a low grill over the fire.
  • Double wrap foil to avoid burning and transport in heavy-duty ziplock bags to avoid leakage in your cooler!
  • Why we love them:  Prep them ahead at home!  Don’t fuse with raw meat at the campsite and have your individual packs all pre-assembled BEFORE you depart!