What’s in an ECG Go Glamping Package?

Get lost – Find Beautiful with East Coast Glamping. Nova Scotia. Bell tent experiences/sales/parties.

Welcome to East Coast Glamping!

We are proud to bring glamping to the Maritimes.

This summer experience boutique Glamping in Nova Scotia and throughout the Maritimes with our various packages.

Deluxe Slumber Pack for 4.
Deluxe Slumber Pack for 4.

What’s in our deluxe slumber pack:

  • cosy duvet or comforters for 2-4
  • embroidered pillows
  • decorative cushions
  • shower towels and face cloths
  • ECG Cosy Fleece Blanket for 2-4.

We’re not about roughing it.

Details matter. Ambient LED lighting with each pitch, along with rugs and a ‘We love local’ welcome kit.


Enjoy french press local coffee in your Bodum.

Roll up the bell tent sides and relax with a warm breeze.

What’s in the Pantry Pack:

  • Propane stove and one cylinder of propane
  • Tableware
  • Lodge cast iron fry pan, top quality camping Pots & Pans
  • Washing-up gear including eco-friendly dish soap, scrub brush, T-towels, clothesline and pegs


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