Spring Glamping: packing essentials

Will you be camping this May long weekend? Here’s a few tips if you’re heading to the campsites:

East Coast Glamping

Nothing like washing-up with VW t-towel.  Pure Glamping. Nothing like washing-up with VW t-towel. Pure Glamping.

Warming campfire snacks and layers are as much apart of Spring glamping as is bug spray.

The sun is beaming and the May long weekend is upon us.

But don’t be fooled by short-term forecasts, sunny today, gone tomorrow. Spring glamping takes a little more strategic thinking, here’s what’s on our list:

  1. Pre-made hot-pot: ala Spaghetti Bolognese: Easy to heat on the Coleman after that first day arrival set-up and if the sun hides behind a cloud, it can feel more like early Apr. rather than mid-May and BBQ’ing can prove chilly.  A hot-pot of noodles and sauce can help your inner-glow.
  2. BUG-off:  pesky black flies are swarming: a good smokey fire, citronella, layers and a little bug spray can go along way in May.
  3. After-bite anti-itch: calamine, Benadryl. Don’t be naive, you WILL be itching at some point in the wild’s this weekend.
  4. Hot…

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