November glamping photo shoot … or faking summer at one degree celsius

IMG_9860 (800x533)Before the snow officially covers Nova Scotia, we hauled the family to Bayswater beach for one last summery, beachy photo shoot with one of our 4 Metre Bell Tents.

It’s not easy making Nov. 22 look like July, as early winter shadows creep along the tent walls. The sun was surely misleading, but the blustery blast of fresh air made for a laughable afternoon (until the girls lost their sense of humour … not exactly the ‘day at the beach’ they thought it’d be!)

The girls wrapped in Rumpl blankets (thanks Rumpl for sharing the love!), waves crashed and the bunting blew. Loving their campy colours in shades of fern and deepwater.

Not surprisingly, we had the beach to ourselves and even managed to build a sand castle.

Looking forward to our official winter Skating Party photo shoot in our 5 Metre tents when the snow falls, complete with wood-burning stove and hot chocolate.

ECG Totes available soon to our Shop on
ECG Totes available soon in our online Shop at

Until then… Happy hibernating!

One thought on “November glamping photo shoot … or faking summer at one degree celsius

  1. Thanks for connecting 2posh2pitch (and great name!),
    It would have been awesome any other time of year, but a little too cold for us this past weekend.
    Purely a photo shoot.
    We do often pitch ocean side and the sound of the waves are entrancing. Happy #glamping!


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