Meat Cove on a hungry stomach: Glamping Cape Breton-style

Meat CoveHome to one of the most retro campgrounds we’ve found on our trails, Meat Cove campground is on the northern most tip of Cape Breton Island and it’s wind-swept views are some of the finest.

Fully embracing our motto: Get lost – Find beautiful, Meat Cove was worth every dip in the road to get there.

A little off the Cabot Trail’s beaten path, its coastal cliffs are as raw as the name implies and the journey there twists along a narrow and rugged road.  While campground hosts insist the road is at it’s best after a recent levelling, it’s sure to try your suspension and test your brakes, but worth every bump.

If you’re heading up to the Cabot Trail this finely forecasted Thanksgiving weekend, why not take the journey up to the far-reaching northern tip of the Cape Breton Island?

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You’ll find there’s more to Thanksgiving than turkey.


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