The season’s not over: Fall glamping tips

fall glampingGlamper’s guide to fall camping is the last in a series about camping in style that ran in the Chronicle Herald this summer.

Don’t let September’s hustle and bustle and the  mayhem attached with back-to-school deter you from one last glamping family adventure. It’s worth the effort to try fall glamping, you just need to pack for the weather.

Embrace the spiritual essence attached to campgrounds in autumn. Often somber after long summer days of splashing and cycling, the crisping leaves rustle a little louder and the misty morning air invigorates. Whether canoeing at a National Park, exploring the Valley, or soaking up the vibrant colours of Cape Breton Island, here’s some Glamping advice on planning for those warm autumn days and crisp nights.

  1. Get toasty
    • Sites with electric hook-up are great for early-and late-season camping. Whether in a tent or pop-up, having the option to run a little tent-friendly heater is essential for those chilly, early-morning hours.
    • Hot water bottles are a great backup to a heater. Put one in your sleeping bag a half-hour before bedtime.
    • This is the time of year to consider a sleeping bag over standard bedding and remember to pack comfy, long socks for sleeping. Scott, a local camper and Mountain Equipment Co-op employee, says blankets alone are ineffective in Maritime Spring and Fall, “there’s no real technical material to hold in the heat.” He recommends choosing bedding with cellular foam, something that retains warmth.
  2. Tilly with an evening fire. Sunny site 73 at Blomidon Provincial Park has stunning views over Bay of Fundy, is close to washrooms and beside open field (great for our whippets).
    Tilly with an evening fire. Sunny site 73 at Blomidon Provincial Park has stunning views over Bay of Fundy, is close to washrooms and beside open field (great for our whippets).

    Sunny disposition

    • Your disposition will be sunnier when that September afternoon sunshine beams into your campsite. Pick a site with daytime sun (See above photo from Blomidon Provincial Park). While brighter sites often mean more exposure to the elements, with daylight hours shortening, we take our chances in a brighter, less wooded site.
  3. Cosy comforts
    • Flannels… need I write more? I also couldn’t fall glamp without my knitted Uggs and mini duvets. Pack cosy socks and breathable layers. One of our Top 7 Creature Comforts is a mini duvet or throw blanket to snuggle into around the campfire. And as a barrier to dampness, pack a shell or windbreaker jacket. They’ve often extended our evening campfire by an extra hour.
  4. Tout the toque: The thought of bringing a winter toque out of hibernation may not sound glampy, but a lightweight running-style hat, think Running Room, Sport Chek or Lululemon, is great after a polar bear dip, shower or around a starry campfire.Murphy's Law
  5. Wellie boots: Early Fall mornings make a campsite soggy. Waterproof wellies keep out the damp and if you don’t pack them, you’ll likely need them (Murphy’s Law).
  6. Hot pot: A hot-pot of noodles and sauce or a hearty fall soup (try our mushroom and fennel), can help your inner glow and if the sun hides behind a cloud, it can feel more like late October than September. We’re always touting the virtue of ahot pot for the first night at camp and it’s especially comforting on a late September evening. They also heat easily on a Coleman stove. Irish Stew is ahot pot fave in our camp and a taste from Talbot’s home, or bring along a currybreaming with market-fresh root vegetables.
  7. Smokey campfire brie with sizzling peach salsa.
    Smokey campfire brie with sizzling peach salsa.

    Smokey campfire brie: Beer and nachos are perfect in July, but nothing warms like a hot piece of cheese. Our go-to Smokey Campfire Brie gets dressed-up for autumn with an easy blueberry compote and crackers. Here’s the basic recipe for Smokey Campfire Brie recipe.

    • To make blueberry compote, while your cedar plank brie bubbles, simply pour 3/4 cup of wild blueberries into a pot over the campfire. Add 1/4 cup maple syrup, a pinch of balsamic vinegar, a dash of cinnamon and good grind of fresh black pepper. For extra glamp, add a little chopped fresh tarragon (optional). Stir until bubbling and slightly thickened. Cool before serving with brie and baguette.

We hope we’ve offered inspiring tips for future glampers.

Happy Glamping!

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