Glampaloo: A glamping potty DIY for posh pups

peepeeteepeeWe recently brought along our daughter’s pal on a three-day glamping excursion to PEI.

This happy addition to our camping family sent our evening potty set-up into disarray — for those less inclined to make the midnight jaunt to the buggy washroom.

In the quest for privacy and convenience (with vintage flare), we rose to the challenge and converted our tepee Tipsy into a ‘pee pee teepee’ (night-time only). By day, it would double as a change room for the tweens.

Here’s our little DIY project:Glampaloo


Could it be glampier? Yes, but we had limited materials, including one broken camp chair. I will note I’m currently sourcing some sticky floral vinyl to cover the ‘luggable loo’ and one day, the chair and side table might just meet some new material. But we have to ask ourselves, is the end worth the means?…

Happy Glamping!