Berrylicious campfire cones

Berry delish campfire conesInspired by Amy, a fellow glamper on our FaceBook page, we tested out these delectable little Campfire Cones, from Come Together Kids, while glamping in Blomidon the long weekend.

In typical camping fashion, we forgot to add the peanut butter to the recipe and in lieu of bananas, we used fresh raspberries (which we think worked better without the peanut butter – peanut butter should stick with bananas).

Aside from impatiently scalding my mouth, they were DIVINE! The raspberries turned to raspberry sauce and ‘lightened’ the weight of the marshmallows and chocolate. Dare we say … a perfect balance?

Here’s our little prep session:Berrylicious campfire cones

Be patient and let them cool (unlike myself) and as always…

Happy Glamping!


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