Farmers’ Markets: grocer of glampers


It’s Farmers’ Market Week glampers! A time to ‘Discover and Celebrate’.

To stock up for long weekend glamping, we stopped by Thursday’s afternoon Farmers Market in Hammonds Plains and filled our basket.

The 3rd annual Market Week runs Sat. Aug 2 – Sat. Aug 9th and Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia have invited us along for the ride (click link to see the Global segment).

IMG_7989If you’ve ever travelled in Italy, you’ll agree Italian fare, simple and pure, explodes on your palette. Travelling Nova Scotia and tasting local treasures at the markets is as equally gratifying. It’s the simplest ingredient combos that taste the best: basil & tomatoes, garlic & olive oil, goat cheese & crusty bread.

You simply can’t beat fresh … farm fresh.

Here’s a list of our favorite August market items and how we’ll be using them around the campfire:

  • Corn: our latest campfire craze are breakfast wraps and dinner tortillas. Make ahead some corn and black bean salsa to bring along on your next camping trip and use in wraps, sandwiches or as a tortilla dip. Or simply soak corn (with husks attached) in water for about 20 mins. and grill. Serve with butter and S&P or add a little lemon rind to the butter for a glampier version.
  • El Gallo's pico de gallo is Mexican magic -- delicioso!
    El Gallo’s pico de gallo is Mexican magic — delicioso!

    Mexican magic: El Gallo has expanded her reach to include Hammonds Plains Market and that’s something to CELEBRATE. Her Pico de Gallo would be in my ‘stranded on a desert island basket’ and despite years of trying, I admit it’s impossible to recreate. Taste with her homemade tortilla chips. El Gallo’s salsa verde and other dips are also delish.

  • Tomatoes and basil: Vine ripe and juicy we love the simplicity of caprese salad using fresh tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella. An Italian ‘principessa’ shared culinary secrets with us while on a cooking tour in Tuscany several years ago: ‘Never refrigerate your tomatoes. The flavour is lost.’  Good advice, which is why market tomatoes are the best.  Super fresh, they’ll travel well and last. Bring a collapsible food net to keep fruit flies away. Grill, add to eggs, wraps or salad — simple and delish.
  • IMG_8011Arugula and micro greens: Simply toss arugula, balsamic, olive oil, S&P and then toss with cherry tomatoes and quality parmesan cheese or a crumbling of goat cheese, like Hug Your Nanny Goat Cheese. Delish. Even the girls Nanny loves Hug Your Nanny!
  • Flavoured sour cream: Using our nutri bullet, we’re blending a combo of mango, cilantro and mint, or basil, garlic and scallion. Then combine with sour cream for a great tortilla wrap topping or dip for sugar snap peas, radishes and cherry tomatoes. Make it ahead.
  • Abdelmajid Jedidi's Tuscan Olive Oil Co. had us sampling for ages ... basil olive oil, syrupy thick balsamic vinegar, and others in flavors of lemon, cherry. A $5 bottle is perfect size for glamping.
    Abdelmajid Jedidi’s Tuscan Olive Oil Co. had us sampling for ages … basil olive oil, syrupy thick balsamic vinegar, and others in flavors of lemon, cherry. A $5 bottle is perfect size for glamping.

    Basil olive oil from Tuscan Olive Oil is like pesto in a bottle.

  • Rustic wooden sandwich boards by Ashwurks Kitchens. Donna Hopper is always smiling when we find her at Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market or at Hammonds Plains Farmers’ Market on Thursdays (She’s even met the Prince! Ask her about it). Her wood crafting makes great picnicware and European-style dining.

IMG_8007There are markets all around Nova Scotia and adding a market visit during your camping experience is fun for the family, connecting with local and sampling the bounty of the region. Here’s a map of Farmers’ Market Co-op of Nova Scotia to find one near you.

Fill a market basket and see for yourself … and feel good about buying local.

Happy Glamping!localconnections10 copy