Easy Glamping appetizer inspiration

Smokey campfire brie with sizzling peach salsa.
Smokey campfire brie with sizzling peach salsa.

Here’s a few Easy glamping starters, taken from an excerpt from the Community Herald this week:

Quick on the Grill:

Smokey campfire brie  makes an easy first night starter and it can go on the grill while setting up camp.

–Grill baguette covered with goat cheese and top with some fresh shredded herbs like basil, mint or cilantro and a little salsa, sweet thai chili sauce or chutney

Or try one of these no-grill starters:

–A log of goat cheese drizzled with olive oil and dried chilies served with crackers or baguette.

–Cream cheese drizzled with sweet thai chili sauce, served with crackers.

–Pre-sliced melon medley served with dip of creme fraiche with lemon rind, chopped mint and a dash of brown sugar.

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