Toasted flufferberries: glamping strawberries

Toasted strawberries covered in Fluff.
Toasted strawberries covered in Fluff.

We won’t begin to take credit for this glamping dessert, but this inventive use of Fluff definitely takes s’mores up a notch.

Herald3Our third installment in a six part series on glamping and camping in style is in the Chronicle Herald today and we tout the merits of adding a little Fluff to a berry:

It’s hard to imagine jarred marshmallows being glampy, but if you’ve never tried spreading Fluff on a strawberry, skewering and grilling it to perfection, then you simply haven’t lived (according to my girls).  We were first introduced to Fluff while living in Ireland, when American friends came for a visit and brought three different flavours for my young children. I cringed at the processed sugar in a jar, but have since reconciled it has it’s place around the campfire. We spread in scant quantities and the relative amount of marshmallow ingested, compared with the juicy local strawberries we bought at a U-pick along the way, ease my conscience.

Simply smear a strawberry with Fluff, skewer and toast over the campfire.

It takes mere seconds to reach a golden perfection!IMG_7726

Happy Glamping!