Picnic glamping at a little lighthouse you may know?

Peggy's Cove lighthouse may be over-exposed, but it still draws the crowds.
Peggy’s Cove lighthouse may be over-exposed, but it still draws the crowds.

Despite being so busy, Peggy’s Cove is definitely one of the most peaceful tourist destinations near Halifax and a perfect spot for a day picnic.

The rolling waves lapping against round moon-like rocks, set against one of the world’s most photographed lighthouses, beckons entry on your summer bucket list.

“Why is Peggy’s Cove just so beautiful, mum?” asks Dahlia.

She says it’s ‘just her favourite’ as she tries to sketch the pounding surf unsuccessfully. “The waves get tangled in the rocks and I just can’t draw them.”

We packed picnic, complete with a hot, flask of Irish tea (thanks Uncle Paul for the new shipment).

It would have been serene, if it weren’t for the knuckleheads posing on the black rocks a yard or so beyond our site. What is it about tourists and their refusal to adhere to non-subliminal signage?  One young lad and his lab got knocked over in a crashing wave. All the while his nervous pup tried to pull him away from the wet, slippery rocks. Shortly after, another family wandered up to have a closer peak, photographing their teenage son as waves cracked up around him. Not smart, people…not smart.

Dahlia searched for sea glass and shells (only to find a few broken beer bottles in the tidal pools) and Mum and Dad took turns sleeping in the sun with the boys.

The day wouldn’t be complete without a stop at DeeDees ice-cream and gelato. Great Grandma served Dahlia her very first vanilla ice-cream here when she was 10 months old. They’ve expanded their flavour list and now serve flavours like Mexican Chocolate with chili, cinnamon and cayenne, strawberry rhubarb (yummy) and mango gelato (D’s fave).

There are nine South Shore campgrounds listed on Camping Nova Scotia. There isn’t huge choice in the area, but if you’re on the road, King Neptune is the closest to Peggy’s Cove and walking distance to Indian Harbour-based Rhubarb, a restaurant over-looking the sea, offering take-out, eat-in and glampy dining.  King Neptune has one star Canada Select rating for recreation and two stars for facilities.  It’s simply a great stopping location to visit nearby destinations and sleep to the sound of pounding surf.

Wayside Campground is a little further down, but from the road it looks more like an RV haven then tenting campground. The brochure says of the 150 sites, 25 of them are tenters and more info can be found in the online brochure.

Camping Select Start rating:

1*  Modest Campgrounds meeting basic standard of cleanliness, comfort & safety
2*  Moderate Campgrounds with additional facilities and some amenities
3*  Above Average Campgrounds with a greater range of facilities, guest amenities and services
4*  Exceptional Campgrounds with an extensive range of facilities, guest amenities and services
5*  Luxurious Campgrounds among the very best in the country, with an outstanding range of facilities, guest amenities and services
A 1/2 star is awarded to properties whose physical attributes reflect an enhanced quality for the rated level.