Glampers guide to Caribou Munroe Provincial Park


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Provincial Park glampers will love Caribou Munroe Provincial Park  in beautiful Pictou County.

There are three loops with plenty of sites to choose from.

Loop A has views to the Northumberland Strait but is a more open loop with ‘field-type’ camping.

Loop B is our favorite loop in the park. Only a short stroll to the beach with wooded sites. The only downside is the small trek to the washroom. We camped, once again, at site #23 — if it ain’t broken, why change it!

There are two ‘pit toilets’ (outhouses), but in the words of my eldest glamper, ‘I do not use pit toilets’. On one evening for about a half hour, an unfavorable wind direction and a camper consistently leaving the pit toilet door open, sent an unsavoury waft across our campsite. It was unfortunate, but not a game changer.

Loop C is the largest loop, was filled with the most tenters and caravans during our weekend visit, and has spacious, wooded sites. The BIG plus to this loop is the campground’s only shower building is located centrally within Loop C.  The showers are clean and well maintained.

We recommend avoiding the over-flow campsites along the lanes between the loops as they’re high traffic and exposed.

My groovy detachable bike basket worked great in the public showers and kept my gear off the 'public shower benches'.
My groovy detachable bike basket worked great in the public showers and kept my gear off the ‘public shower benches’.

We enjoy packing our shower bags and cycling to the shower and my lovely detachable bike basket, a recent birthday present, was a huge perk enabling me to bring my towel and toiletries right into the shower where I didn’t have to set anything down on those shower benches … I’m always skeptical of public bare bottoms leaving behind germs… not-so-glampy.  Another shower must-have is a hanging toiletry bag, which will again, keep your belongings in the air and off any wet benches.

The onsite beach runs along the warm Northhumberland Strait waters and it’s a short cycle or beach walk to Pictou Lodge. The lodge’s recent revamp includes a lovely large rustic bar with couches, pints on tap, a kids menu and plenty of board games and decks of cards.

We strolled up to catch the final game of the World Cup (it was either that or having had to pack up a day early and head for home). The girls enjoyed learning SkipBo and Dahlia sampled her very first oyster — brave gal! Mum & Dad enjoyed one less meal of washing dishes.

The beach was great for finding hermit crabs (watch out for jellyfish), razor clam shells, shells…shells galore and we made a magnificent tool-free beach fortress! The girls enjoyed a sneaky not-so-skinny dip during sunset one of the evenings.

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When we weren’t eating oysters, we were barbequed Mojito Chicken with two-way potatoes and have put the recipe inspirations online for your next glamping hol.

Happy Glamping!

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