A not-so glampy camping weekend

My glampy friend Andrea recently returned from a camping trip in PEI. I asked if she’d camp again? Her text went…
‘My air mattresses sank and we felt damp and my bones ached and I threw out the portable propane stove and I need to upgrade tent and cooler but… I might camp again cause I love the outdoors.’
It took me back to our 2013 Father’s Day glamping disaster (but humorous adventure) in our first pop-up trailer that almost had us late for Andrea’s piano recital:

East Coast Glamping


Blomidon Provincial Park – Sweeney-style

When you’re hiking with a young family, sometimes just getting to the hike, is a hike in itself.

And when you’re camping with kids and pets, sometimes just getting to the campsite and making camp is worth a weeks holiday at five star resort. It can bring even the most loving couple to their knees.

First there’s coping with the over-excited children who’s energy does not match your own after days of organization, list-making and packing.  Then there’s the physical labor of setting up camp while trying to fend off starving small people who don’t understand the motto: camping = slow food & slow service.

But it’s always worth it in the end.  Right?


We headed off to Blomidon Provincial  Park this weekend for our 2013 inaugural family camping excursion, our party consisted of Dad, our three girls; ages 6, 8 and 11 and our two…

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