How To pack for glamping camping: Not exactly Louis Vuitton

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We’re a family of five and more importantly, four of us are gals.

While the youngest will wear the same clothes for, let’s say an extended period of time, the rest of us like our comforts, our cosy’s and our functional.

So how does it all fit into our little pop-up Tilly?

Space Bags.  Like Ziplock bags for your clothes (I swear the inventor of ziplock must have been a camper).

They’re clear for ‘easy find’ and when you squish all the air out, they’re compact to squeeze into the under-seat storage of the camper.

In an ideal world, once everyone dresses, they’d stow away their gear (that’s my pipe dream), but functionally it seems to work well.

I’m using an on-the-go CUBE size Space bag.  My eldest daughter and all her toiletries are using two MEDIUM size bags: one for cosy’s and night-time and the other for the daytime.

Whether you’re in a pop-up with plenty  hideaway storage or in a tent, order equals sanity and organization is key. ‘A place for everything and everything in it’s…’ (you get it).

What am I packing for a two day trip with rain in the forecast for the main day?

  • HUSH flannel jammies (LOVE, love love their flannels, sweats and trousers and while they ship from UK to Canada, sadly the tax at the border is a bummer. So I rely on my old faves from Ireland and wait for the odd sale). Their blog is dreamy and if you’re any bit interested in fashion blogging, their monthly newsletter always has something interesting re: recipes, music, etc. Thanks Mandy!
  • swimsuit and cover-up
  • long socks to wear with wellies if it gets big-time mucky (and I found a pair of long socks with toe holes to wear with flip-flops! Anyone who’s camped, knows the ‘no shoes’ rule for inside and sometimes the time to put-on and take-off those runners is a nuisance, so flip-flops are perfect and toe-pocket sockets for those chilly evenings work great with them!
  • light-weight layers; one of each short-sleeve, long sleeve, shorts and pants, along with a hoodie
  • laundry bag and a spritz bottle with a combo of  vinegar & water to erase camp-fire odours

We store our wellies in the footwell of the van with the hope we won’t need them and always bring flipflops/crocs/sandals and a pair of runners for cycling.

And the Bee? My daughter’s must-have Zoobie pillow stuffed with matching yellow blankie … creature comfort at it’s finest.

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