Thank you CP Allen Learning Centre for Tilly’s glampy pillowcases

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Photo our new cases for Tilly, sewed lovingly in the Learning Centre at CP Allen High School. Photos courtesy of CP Allen HS.

A huge thank you to CP Allen students for helping sew Tilly beautiful new pillowcases for our big inauguration this weekend.

A mere request for the ‘lend of a machine’ turned into a joint collaboration of love! Hooray.

Thanks to Learning Centre teacher Lauren Emanuel, CP Allen EPA Theresa, and students George, Kathryn and Noah for sewing beautiful detailed VW and french vintage pillowcases as part of Operation Tilly Overhaul.

Our little pop-up is sporting new window covers, tie-backs, cushion covers, a door curtain and thanks to the students a set of five cases – pure glamping style.

And fabulous job on the sewing pedal, Noah.

Here’s a glimpse of our new 1960ish Singer sewer for all our upcoming projects (after we temporarily broke my sister’s newer model, we thought best to invest in our own!).

We think we'll call her 'Bethel'
We think we’ll call her ‘Bethel’

Happy Glamping!