Homemade mini glamping kitchen

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Who doesn’t love order and an organized kitchen?

When camping, those words don’t often go hand-in-hand. After happening upon a cute mini-camping kitchen online, I immediately knew we needed one.

And so I searched the corners of our house to come up with a handy, light-weight ‘shell’ to neatly house kitchen essentials like:

  • paper towel
  • tinfoil
  • ziplock bags
  • pairing knives & boards
  • spices
  • flippers and tossers, basters and smashers

Here’s what I found:

  • an old wine crate (funny finding one in our house? Originally housing kids paint & art supplies, it’s about to be re-purposed)
  • a cupboard hanging organizer
  • a few drawer sorting boxes
  • a couple of tins

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It all neatly tucks into the crate for easy storage.  The only additional weight is the light crate and shelf, so really we’re not adding any significant ‘loadage’ to our haul — something to consider when putting one together of your own.

For cooking outdoors, it’s not only convenient but also time-efficient to house all your high-frequency go-to items  in something as functional as this … it means more time in the hammock and less time running to-and-fro!

Happy Glamping!



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