Operation ‘Tilly Overhaul’: A sneak peek before the big reveal

In less than two short weeks, we’ve almost transformed our pop-up ‘Tilly’ into a kitschy, glampy, camping machine.

She’s almost ready to hit the trails in style and we’ve even some extra fabric to make T-towels for fellow ‘glampers’.

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  1. slipcase for long couch/bench back
  2. base wrap-around cover for ‘pleather’ bench using sewn on velcro strips to fabric and stuck strips to cushion
  3. 2 short slip-covers for dinette bench backs
  4. 2 x long valances to cover ‘pleather’ brown valances
  5. 2 x short valances to cover ‘pleather’ brown valances
  6. 1 x door curtain to keep out the bugs when our door hinges open


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A HUGE hug to our friends in the Learning Centre at CP Allen High School for sewing Tilly lovely new VW and vintage pillowcases and cushion covers.

Thank you for supporting our project.


CP Allen Learning Centre students stitching:

  • 3 x vintage fabric pillowcases
  • 2 x VW fabric pillowcases
  • 2 x square VW fabric throw cushions covers

About 8 hours of cutting and sewing (2 afternoons), one replaced sewing needle and a trip to the fabric shop … and welcome Glamping, camping pop-up Tilly.

Here’s our rough installation.  Glampy photos to come, complete with VW throw cushions, on her upcoming trip to the North Humberland Strait.

Happy Glamping!



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