Mistakes to learn by (a work-in-progress, because it’s hard to be perfect)

Our families campsite in Ontario...truly soaked.
Our families campsite in Ontario…truly soaked.

May ours hopefully make yours….less!

  1. Even in a pop-up, tarps can save you — from above…and below.
  2. Awnings hate wind. Lower about 45 degrees (before it fills with rain!).
  3. Don’t forget the wine, but if you do, improvise.
  4. Camping in Spring? Get off the ground… and perhaps scrap the tent. And remember layers, plenty of layers.
  5. Hiking? Remember to bring a tensor bandage, along with your first aid kit, of course.
  6. Even a fully charged battery won’t last the night if you’re running heat in Springtime, camping off the battery (aka most provincial parks without electric hook-up). This didn’t work so well when our motorized roof-lifting mechanism died mid-close (Note: If this happens, leave your partner and take kids for a walk).
  7. A good rug can save you in bad weather (see also #1 and the tarp rule). Also testing things like ‘the outdoor’ room before you venture out, can save time and family ‘bull & cow’, as they say in Ireland!
  8. Glampers don’t cook EVERY meal. Never pack meals for a 5 day camping trip in July. The food simply just won’t last, and you won’t want to eat pork that’s been in a cooler for 5 days, despite ice and thaw.
  9. Pack light. Everything expands when you camp. Medium-to-large vacuum-shrink storage bags are great as you can push out the air without a vacuum and they squeeze into small spaces.  We’ve tried clear bin bags and they end up tearing.
  10. And remember, that’s why they have the ‘first camp o’ the season’: so you can forget it, break it, wish-you-packed-it and generally dust off the winter and re-oil your camping gears.

Happy Glamping!


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