Smokey campfire brie with Peach Salsa

Smokey campfire brie with sizzling peach salsa.
Smokey campfire brie with sizzling peach salsa.

This is a new summery, camp-friendly twist on baked brie.

The owners of Tangled Garden in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia, gave us this fab idea, it’s how they enjoy their hot peach salsa while relaxing at the lake.  We’ve made it campfire-friendly and also like it with their wild blueberry & tarragon chutney.

Perfect for post-camp set-up, prepared directly on a grill over the fire, or on your BBQ.

What to pack:

  • Cedar plank (like the kind for cedar-planked salmon): if you have a tub with a lid (like your camping washing up tub), fill with a little water and soak your plank while travelling to your site, so it’s ready-to-go when you arrive.
  • Wheel of creamy brie with the white top gently scraped off (do this before you leave to save time)
  • Pre-cut baguette in a ziplock bag
  • Sprinkling of brown sugar, ziplock in a separate bag, to sprinkle over brie before cooking
  • Tangled Garden peach salsa, blueberry chutney or your favourite piquant adornment


  • Place your brie directly on the pre-soaked plank
  • Sprinkle brown sugar over brie (that has had the white outer-layer gently scraped off)
  • Watch it slowly bubble away over the fire
  • If you have a heat-proof pot, place some of the chutney into the pot, place on plank alongside the brie to gently heat
  • Remove and dunk, swirl and scoop creamy melted brie with sliced/torn baguette, add a little hot chutney or cool salsa and enjoy with a cold, crisp bevvie or your choice

We love local! For info on sampling or purchasing some of Tangled Garden’s delish jellies, chutney’s and salsas, check out their website.

The Tangled Garden in Grand Pre.  They're also at Seaport Farmers' Market every Sat.
The Tangled Garden in Grand Pre. They’re also at Seaport Farmers’ Market every Sat.