Glampy weekend dinner menus for you & your best mate

Sarah & I ''glamping' in Maine (one of our earlier road trips)
Sarah & I ”glamping’ in Maine (one of our earlier road trips)

Here’s two dinner ideas for a weekend of glamping with your best-mate. Regardless if you’re escaping it all, you can always bring along some foodie glamour.

Glampy weekend two night dinner menu for two:

Friday night:

  • Set-up Heineken or your fave beer
  • Smokey Campfire Brie with baguette and spicy Caesar
  • Campfire turkey chili (pre-made before departure) to make the first night easy
  • Caprese salad
  • wine

    Smokey campfire brie with sizzling peach salsa.
    Smokey campfire brie with sizzling peach salsa.


Packing List:

  • Cedar plank (like the kind for cedar-planked salmon): if you have a tub with a lid (like your camping washing up tub), fill with a little water and soak your plank while travelling to your site, so it’s ready-to-go when you arrive.
  • Wheel of creamy brie with the white top gently scraped off (do this before you leave to save time)
  • Pre-cut baguette in a ziplock bag
  • Sprinkling of brown sugar, ziplock in a separate bag, to sprinkle over brie before cooking
  • Peach Salsa or fruity chutney
  • pre-made chili or favorite ‘hot-pot’
  • pre-sliced roma tomatoes
  • tub buffalo mozzarella salad
  • basil leaves (washed, ziplock in paper-towel wrap)
  • good quality olive oil & balsamic
  • chicken breasts cut into pieces, placed in large, sturdy ziplock bag with marinade
  • skewers or grill basket (to avoid handling raw chick at campsite)
  • marinade: our fave includes soya sauce, garlic, ginger, coriander chopped, dash of ginger-flavoured balsamic vinegar, S&P (avoid citrus if marinating longer than over-night).  Marinate chicken the morning you’re leaving.  Keep in cooler until day two.
  • Rocket salad: pre-washed arugula tossed with parmesan shavings and balsamic vinegar, olive oil, S&P
  • Campfire risotto cooked on the Coleman in about 20 mins: onion, butter, olive oil, dry vermouth, 1 cup plain rice, pre-made chicken stock, parmesan cheese
  • Bevvies: beer, wine, mixings for the perfect Caesar. This is up to the individual glampers – but don’t forget the lemons & limes!

For other meal suggestions, check our our recipe section, which will be growing this summer.

We love big brekkie and picnic-style lunches!  Happy Glamping!


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