You know you’re a glamper when … Our Top 7 ‘creature comforts’

A wee cottage tent - one of our glamping extras, because I once had an affliction for buying tents.
A wee cottage tent – one of our glamping extras, because I once had an affliction for buying tents.


Sure, the definition differs if you’re a young single couple, retired pair … or you’re a family of five with 2 skinny dogs. For us, it’s about taking rustic Canadian nature, but bringing along a little kitschy Cornwall-style, rustic luxury (aka creature comforts).

Having spent 12 years in Ireland with a super-young fam, ‘glamping’ wasn’t in our vocab. But perfect picnics, backyard teepees, buntings and pretty melamine became as much apart of our adventures as bringing along the family pets.

Our Top 7 Glampy Inspirations:

  1. Tipsy our Tepee and ‘the little cottage tent’: We love UK’s Cath Kidson and all her pretty fabrics. Every year she has a new tent and while we wouldn’t camp in one in a storm, Tipsy makes a great outdoor room for the kids to read a mag or draw, beach changing room and a shaded backyard playhouse. She’s been on all our adventures. She was even a prop in one of our ‘glamping birthday parties’.
  2. Tipsy our beloved teepee.
    Tipsy our beloved teepee.

    If you have to clean, do it in style. Pretty tea-towels, a flowery sweepy broom and two pink bin buckets for garbage. We surround ourselves with pretty memories of past adventures while carving out new ones. Some starfish we found in Maine now travel in our tea-light candle tin. Our coolers are labelled with blackboard labels for easy updates, and of course, they’re colour coordinated.IMG_3728

  3. Glampy food: Love local, how can you not when you’re roaming? Last year we picked up sushi-grade tuna from the Fisherman’s market, complete with seaweed salad. Brought it all frozen and when we set up our ocean-side campsite it made the perfect appetizer. We love local chutney and jelly from Tangled Garden, great for glazing BBQ fare or serving up with cheese & crackers and if you’re camping in the Annapolis Valley you can visit their gorgeous garden and sample the wares!
  4. For the birds: binoculars and a local bird book, to get in touch with what’s waking you at 5:oo a.m.

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  5. Rugs and blankies: You know you’re a glamper when you thoroughly appreciate the value of pretty layer between you and the damp morning/evening ground.  We love our three ‘blankies’ – mini lap-duvets for cozying up around the campfire. They keep the evening damp out and are our taste of Dublin.blankie
  6. Cuppa Joe in our French-press Bodum. Say no more.

    Glampy morning coffee = bodum + Baileys.
    Glampy morning coffee = bodum + Baileys.
  7. Two memory mugs: a souvenir from one of our Mount Desert Island camping trips in Maine. They’re touristy but we like ’em.

Happy glamping!


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