Operation ‘Tilly Overhaul’

As I may have mentioned, if our heaving family of 5 + 2 dogs could squeeze into a kitschy VW, we’d be all over it. But for our size and needs, it’s not happening…

…and so we have ‘Tilly’, our 12 ft. pop-up Palomino trailer. She’s compact, airy, has plenty of storage and is possibly the WORST decorated pop-up EVER.  Brown ‘fleather‘ (or shall we just say vinyl) valances cover brown mottled drapes, with matching seat cushions to boot! In a word: DRAB.

Welcome to Operation ‘Tilly Overhaul’.

Our vintage-style VW fabric arrived within 4 short days: about 23 yards of glampy 100% cotton fabric, for a little more than $200, including cross-border delivery.

Now wait to see what we do with it…

Day one:

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Fabric for valance measured and cut, along with seat back cushions, curtain ties, door curtain and table-cloth. The fabric is off with my ‘sew-happy’ sister, of Paige and Peacock, to see if she can work some magic with her sewing machine.

Standby for the masterpiece and Happy Glamping!


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