May Long Weekend: Hubbards beach campground

imageIf you’re a naturalist looking for camping in its true form, you may find the privately owned Hubbards campgrounds is not the kind of camping you’re looking for.

Pitches are tight and there are many seasonal campers, think big rigs with built on decks (but we loved the pink flamingos adorning a few entrances!).

The beach, many locals know, is ‘cosy’…and cold.

But what it does have, if you’re socially inclined, is the Shore Club, for weekend lobster dinners and nightly entertainment, often featuring great local musicians.
There’s a fish and chip cabana, four square court, playground and horse shoes.
While sites are tight and the showers, we found, weren’t particularly ‘fresh’, the grounds are clean and the people were very friendly.

Pick-up truck parking lot
Pick-up truck parking lot

There weren’t many kids around on the May long weekend, which gave ours the run of the place.

While the 2 a.m. curfew may drive you batty (our neighbours were playing music until 2:45 a.m.), and they pack ’em in, it’s a stone throw away from exploring South Shore’s quaint perks like Mahone Bay, Lunenberg or even grabbing a bite and a pint at Trellis Cafe with great chowder, salads and burgers.

For a squirrel’s eye view of Hubbbards campground, check out our photo journal.

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