Spring Glamping Rules: First trip of the season


Destination: Hubbards Beach Campground:
May 17 – May 19
Hitched up Tilly and hit the road, post Doctor’s NS Youth Run (aka kiddie Blue Nose Marathon). Departure: 2:25 p.m. / E.T.A.: 2:51 p.m.

Spring Glamping Rule #1:
Keep it close: Don’t be over-ambitious – if it’s going to go wrong, if it’s going to break, if you’re going to forget it…it’ll happen on the first trip of the season.
Our first excursion in 2013, we venture an hour and half to Blomidon and our electrics went, the roof wouldn’t go down, the winch sheared. I recall the battery being removed from our van Talbot doing some swanky electrical boost to get us going. There were arguments, a lot of grease and we almost didn’t make it back for the kids piano recital. This year, we’re keeping it close.

Spring Glamping Rule #2:
The more the merrier:
We love christening the season with another family. Spring weather is unpredictable, the bugs can be brazen. Misery loves company? We’re not being pessimistic…just realistic. Kids won’t complain if they have buddies on board, if we forget something, chances are our buddies have it…and really, the more company around the evening campfire, the merrier.

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Spring Glamping Rule #3:

Heat doesn’t last. Bring an extra cylinder of propane, just in case. Our pop-up may be off the ground, but at 10 degrees and 2 a.m. the heat disappears within minutes of the heater turning off. For this reason, we’ve also learned the hard way, to ensure the early season trips are to places with electric hook-up. Our battery wouldn’t last a day.

Spring Glaming Rule #4:
Keep it glampy: Hubbards beach campground is a stone throw from the Shore Club…dinner, drinks and entertainment on your doorstep if the temp drops, the bugs swarm and you’re just not having any fun…not that THIS would EVER happen to us. 😉

Glampy morning coffee
Glampy morning coffee

Our first weekend blunders?
Forgot the dish soap, forgot the extra garbage bags, cooking oil and butter. Remembered the Farnese Red, Tangled Garden chutneys and glampy accessories.
Substituted bacon fat for frying pancakes and luckily had sharing neighbours with extra bin bags for doggy doo-doos.

The only true tragedy was our Bodum broke for our last morning coffee.
But the black flies were too cold to bother, the rain stayed away. If a mostly black cat (with white splotchy paws) crossed our path as we drove out for home, is that an omen?

Here’s hoping it’s’ going to be a good year!

Happy Glamping!

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